VIP Rail’s rail centered industrial parks are strategically located in Sarnia’s industrial cluster. With over 160 heavy industrial zoned acres and access to both CN and CSX Railways, VIP Rail provides transportation solutions to Imperial Oil, Shell, Cabot, ArLanxeo, Ineos and other Sarnia industrial users. If you are a local company, a trader buying or selling finished products or feed-stock, or an upstream or downstream supplier to Sarnia’s petrochemical industry, VIP offers a variety of services to make your transportation, and storage needs possible.

  • Switching – Over 25,000 railcars per year
  • Transloading – 24/7 hazardous materials, liquids, and dry bulk handling
  • Railcar Storage – Capacity for over 1,350 railcars
  • Railcar Services – Inspection, repair and cleaning
  • Warehousing – Over 125,000 square feet
  • Trucking – Tankers, dry vans, back dumps, and more
  • Tank storage – Over 30,000 bbls with plans to expand

VIP Rail was acquired in July 2017 by Alpenglow Rail. Based in Denver, Colorado, Alpenglow Rail focuses on investing in, developing, and managing freight rail businesses, and related transportation assets across North America.

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