VIP Rail places all outbound railcars in the exact order our customers specify, guaranteeing on-time railcar-by number delivery. We stage cars at our customers’ racks for loading / unloading, and then deliver the railcars to interchange with the Class I. With our complete, turnkey switching services, you can experience higher efficiency, unrivaled safety, and better service.

  • Served by both CN and CSX Railways
  • 24×7 operations
  • 4 onsite SW 1200 locomotives
  • Custom-tailored switching solutions
  • Over 20,000 railcars switched per year
  • Rail scale on-site

For all of your transportation and storage needs

About VIP Rail

VIP Rail is the leading rail logistics company uniquely positioned in the heart of Sarnia, Ontario’s chemical valley, home to the leading names in petrochemicals.

With two rail-centered industrial parks spanning over 160 heavy industrial-zoned acres, and access to both the CN and CSX Railways, VIP Rail has the location, infrastructure, and services in place to give our industrial customers a true competitive edge.

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VIP Rail

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