If you are a trucker, contractor, or any third party that intends to access the VIP Rail Sarnia or Corunna facilities, you are required to review the Safety Orientation Form below in detail and complete, and execute at the bottom of the page. By executing this form your are confirming that you have reviewed the VIP Rail Safety Orientation Form below in its entirety, and that you commit to follow the provided Site Rules, and to conduct yourself appropriately while on VIP Rail sites.

Download Site Plan for VIP Rail Sarnia

Please call 519.383.7200 and ask for our Safety Director if you have any questions regarding the online form, site orientation, or VIP Rail’s site rules.

Contractor Agreement

To Obey Site Rules

  1. Rail equipment has the right of way.  Locomotives, engines, and other equipment are active 24/7 and may move without warning at any time and in any direction.
  2. Stop and look both ways before crossing any and all tracks.
  3. Keep all persons and equipment at least 20 ft away from the track at all times.
  4. If your duties require you to work on or near the track, you must follow all of procedures listed below:
  5. Notify the front desk where you will be working.
  6. Lock the switch away from the track which you are working on.
  7. Place a blue flag on the track you are working on.
  8. Verify that any railcars parked on the track you are working on are properly secured with handbrakes in place.
  9. Safety Boots, Safety Glasses, FR Coveralls, Safety (Hi-Visibility) vests, Gloves, and Hard Hats are required at all times while on site outside the main office.
  10. Ear plugs are required when using power equipment.
  11. No truck drivers or their passengers are allowed in Warehouses or around the docking area without proper supervision or authorization.
  12. Report all hazards and incidents to the front office immediately.
  13. Obey all rules and regulations of the province of Ontario, and of your employer.
  14. No Cell Phone use on site unless proper authorization has been received.
  15. Obey all signage on VIP Rail property.
  16. Always sign IN and OUT at the front office (visitor), or use your swipe card if you have been through orientation.

Site Access Form

    1. All visitors will be accompanied by a VIP personnel while on the property.
    2. What are the main evacuation areas or Muster Stations? (Shown on Map)
    • Front parking lot
    • VP69 East Gate
    1. What is the sign of an emergency?
    • For contractors conducting work on VIP property, the designated contact will be given a VIP radio to contact Operations Director and HSE Director on channel 2.
    • In the event of an emergency, call on radio channel 2, “EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY”
    • State the nature (injury, spill, fire etc.) and location of the incident (ie. injury - broken ankle at VP-01 medical assistanceis required)
    • Maintain radio channel 2
    1. Where do you go when “Shelter in Place” is announced over the radio?(Wind Sock on top of Maintenance shop)
    • Report to the main office (Building 5)
    • Report to the maintenance shop (Building 4)
    1. What is the location of First Aid Kits?
    • All VIP pick-up trucks, main office (5), maintenance building office (4).
    1. Who holds First Aid Certification on site?
    • Allemployees on site are First Aid and CPR certified.
    1. Who is on the VIP Emergency Call List?
    • Robert Butts – Operations Director – 519 333 7291
    • Jeff Beatson– Operations Manager – 519 330 2633
    • Brandon Van Bilsen – HSE Director – 519 328 0316
    • Ryan Davis – Rail/Transload Manager – 519 918 1588
    1. Location of nearby Fire Hydrants?
    • Outside of Main office
    • Outside of Warehouse 1
    • Outside of Warehouse 3
    • Between the tracks in the VP30’s
    1. Where are the fire extinguishers kept?
    • In each VIP pick-up truck, top of transloading platforms, in the warehouses, main office and maintenanceshop
    1. Whose responsibility is it to keep the crossings clear during an emergency?
    • Rail crew
    1. Whose responsibility is it to ensure all employees are accounted for?
    • Operations Director
    1. At what point will persons be allowed back on site to begin clean up or return to work?
    • When the “ALL CLEAR” is received from the Director of HSE or Director of Operations
    1. Where are the Material Safety Data Sheets(SDS) kept?
    • HSE office in the Main Office and the Maintenance Shop Lunch Room
    1. Where are the Dangerous Goods books kept?
    • Rail and Transloading office during regular hours or front of Building (after hours)
    1. Location of Safety Showers and Spill Kits
    • Safety Showers are outside Warehouse 2, Outside on the East end of Maintenance shop (Building 4)
    • Class ‘A’ Spill Kits – VP-64, HA-26, EY1, East end of East Yard
    1. Describe the steps to be taken when anincident occurs?
    • Protect and communicate-Initial response to notify the supervisor on shift giving full details of the incident. Call “EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY!” over channel 2. State the nature and location of the incident. Maintain channel 2 and wait for assistance.
    • Close nearby ditch valves (spills) and radio office to have MISA station valve closed right away. If after hours please make sure the MISA station valve is closed.
    • Assess dangerous goods hazard- visually inspect the site if it’s safe to do so, identifying the material/product spilled, a quick assessment of the quantity, spilled and if any equipment damage.
    1. We are in constant radio communication with CVECO and will respond accordingly to the code given in an emergency.

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